Brad Herbert Associates

A strategic advisory firm specializing in international development with a focus on health and education in developing countries.

At BHA, we combine in-country experience, insight, and access with innovative, targeted thinking and tactical support to help leaders and clients in the public and private sectors transform a commitment to international development into sustainable solutions.

Our Values

BHA is committed to delivering the highest quality services to each of its clients. We continually surpass expectations by working with clients to develop accelerated implementation strategies and achieve results. BHA puts our clients' success first because our own success depends on it.

The following values are the cornerstone of what we do:


We approach our assignments with consistency of actions, methods, principles, expectations and outcome. We operate as an independent entity. Our recommendations and advice are based solely on project merit and standard international development procedures. 


We introduce better business practices through innovation. We constantly search for new and better ideas to facilitate development and are agile enough to implement those ideas. 


We take pride in the quality of our work, devoting close attention to detail while remaining focused on delivering the project objectives. 


We are committed to serving our clients and the people in developing countries, who are our ultimate customers. 


We have a high regard for the value of time and the impact that potential delays can have on the lives of those we serve. 


We assume full responsibility for our work and believe in promoting local accountability and ownership through the provision of technical expertise.

For more information about BHA and our services, please contact us by calling us or using our email address below.

Brad Herbert Cell: +1 410.714.1488

Brad Herbert Associates

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