Brad Herbert Associates

A strategic advisory firm specializing in international development with a focus on health and education in developing countries.

At BHA, we combine in-country experience, insight, and access with innovative, targeted thinking and tactical support to help leaders and clients in the public and private sectors transform a commitment to international development into sustainable solutions.

How We Work

Founded in 2006 by Brad Herbert, the BHA approach is based on experience and a track record of results. We strive to:

  • Work in close collaboration with our clients to serve their needs 
  • Provide effective solutions to problems based on experience 
  • Provide results-focused project management 
  • Draw on the talents and expertise of highly experienced individuals within our global network.

Our  team has a clear idea of what it takes to deliver results in the complex realm of international development. Mr. Herbert has years of experience directing and implementing development programs as the former Chief of Operations of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and as a Regional Manager and Operations Advisor during his career with the World Bank. Mr. Herbert has managed a multi-billion dollar fund implementing projects in over 130 countries, directed health, education and infrastructure projects in over 25 countries, and advised the world's leading international development agencies. Teaming up with this public sector experience, BHA has expanded its activities to include coordinating and raising capital. Tom Koch, has extensive domestic and international finance experience and has advised many of the country's leading corporations on financing, investment and capital opportunities.

In 2014 Brad, with two colleagues, founded the MATCCH Initiative (Mobilize Action Towards Climate Change and Health), a not for profit organization focusing on the intersection between the impact of climate change on human health.  MATCCH which is a separate legal entity from BHA is a natural offshoot to BHA's values and how we get results.

A Unique Model

BHA has adopted a unique model that distinguishes us from consulting agencies. Our approach is premised on four key components: the right focus, the right people, the right tools, and the right network.

The Focus.

A successful development project requires more than simply raising and disbursing funds. The BHA model recognizes this and focuses both on resource mobilization and implementation ensuring that funds are spent effectively and efficiently. We advise donors on how to develop and implement performance-based funding systems and advise recipients on program governance, implementation, quality assurance, and monitoring mechanisms. 

The People.

A lean team of committed, experienced individuals allows us to focus on and respond to the specific needs on a timely basis without the encumbrances that may delay results in larger organizations. The BHA model relies on small teams of dedicated, experienced consultants who listen carefully, analyze thoroughly, work efficiently, and think creatively to engineer and implement solutions. Each team of specialists is led by founding partner, Brad Herbert, who works directly with clients to identify and analyze systemic development issues, including bottlenecks from inefficient processes and procedures. 

The Tools.

Over the past forty years, international development projects in the health and education sector have stalled because of outmoded practices, particularly in procurement, documentation, and communication between different funding agencies. The BHA model is committed to helping donor and recipient communities shift from outdated procurement systems to e-procurement, resulting in a more open and transparent process that will result in a more effective and a more timely use of funds. Because BHA has extensive experience in performance-based funding, we can reduce the transaction reporting costs through the use of new monitoring tools. BHA's detailed and comprehensive understanding of donor policies, processes and procedures also translates into a more effective partnership between recipients and donors. 

The Network.

Successful development projects require collaboration between a variety of diverse stakeholders including private enterprise, and government and international agencies. The BHA team has the ability to engage in conversations with decision-makers across the globe and can provide that access to our clients.

For more information about BHA and our services, please contact us by calling us or using our email address below.

Brad Herbert Cell: +1 410.714.1488

Brad Herbert Associates

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