Brad Herbert Associates

A strategic advisory firm specializing in international development with a focus on health and education in developing countries.

At BHA, we combine in-country experience, insight, and access with innovative, targeted thinking and tactical support to help leaders and clients in the public and private sectors transform a commitment to international development into sustainable solutions.

Drawing on over three decades of working with partners in both the public and private sectors, our executive team helps clients to identify and implement strategies that convert resources into measurable, sustainable results.

BHA core advisory services include performing evaluations and strategic assessments in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning and Assessments
  • Overall policy and governance structures
  • Business Models
  • Accelerated implementation, including procurement and supply systems, training, knowledge transfer, monitoring, and innovaiton 
  • Quality assurance mechanisms, including management information systems, real time evaluation, and decision making tools 
  • Local and international tendering opportunities
  • Investment opportunities 
  • Innovative financing structures 

Reducing bottlenecks between international donor agencies and recipients.
We specialize in the following initiatives:

  • Healthcare Systems with a focus on women, adolescents, and children's well being
  • Malaria 
  • Avian Flu 
  • Primary Education with a focus on the 58 million hard to reach and out of school children 

To maximize our impact, BHA is also a  strategic partner with a number of leading consultant firms including Results 4 Development (R4D), and Dalberg Advisors. 

Examples of Products: 

  • Developed new comprehensive business model for UNFPA that is consistent with new Strategic Plan, organizational structure, and focus on decentralization through Regional Offices. 
  • Evaluated, assessed, and developed recommendations to improve the  effectiveness of the International Finance Corporation's Health in Africa Initiative (A $ 1 billion investment in the private sector).
  • Evaluated and made strategic recommenaitons on  the Center for Health Market Innovation, a global initiative funded by BMGF and DfID.
  • Advised Canadian Government (CIDA) on strategic approaches for developing public and private health systems in Africa. 
  • On behalf of World Bank senior management, carried out an assessment of factors affecting the slow implementation of health and education programs/projects 
  • On behalf of UN secretary General reviewed and assessed UN Coordination and Effectiveness in managing response to Avian Flu.
  • Advised numerous developing countries and recipients of internaitonal grants on how to accelerate implementation of programs. 
  • Provide senior level advise to initiatives such as "Pledge Guarantee", The Affordable Medicines Facility; the Polio Eradication Program; and IDA's Buy Down (buys down loans based on performance)
  • Project Manager and Senior Advisor for creation of a new educaiton fund for the 58 million hard to reach and out of school primary age children
  • Developed strategic plan including capital financing for private firms working in the health sector in West Africa


For more information about BHA and our services, please contact us by calling us or using our email address below.

Brad Herbert Cell: +1 410.714.1488

Brad Herbert Associates

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