Brad Herbert Associates

A strategic advisory firm specializing in international development with a focus on health and education in developing countries.

At BHA, we combine in-country experience, insight, and access with innovative, targeted thinking and tactical support to help leaders and clients in the public and private sectors transform a commitment to international development into sustainable solutions.

New Directions in Strategic Thinking:

Many donor agencies and international development organizations are looking for new solutions to resolve systemic problems. BHA has supported a number of donor countries and international organizations by identifying the root causes of slow implementation. For example, BHA is supporting one donor country's efforts by taking a "clean sheet" approach based on the principles of value engineering. By first clearly identifying the underlying root causes of the problem, BHA provides analytical and practical inputs which lead to a better balance between the public and private sectors within that country's health system.

New Directions in Innovation:

BHA plays an important role in the development of innovative funding mechanisms in the fight against malaria by advising key stakeholders on strategic and organizational issues. BHA is currently working with other partners in the area of "pledge guarantees" to shorten the time between donor approval and disbursement of funds to ensure targets are met.

New Directions in Evaluation:

BHA has carried out several major evaluations of donor programs to determine the effectiveness of programs and identify specific recommendations which will provide greater impact. The approach is based on a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and the need for strong monitoring to achieve performance-based funding targets.

New Directions in Investment:

BHA is working closely with local manufacturers in Africa to raise capital for investment opportunities in the health sector, providing real opportunities for sustainable development. By introducing local manufacturers to the rigorous standards of private equity and capital markets, BHA has been successful in preparing financial prospectus and raising capital.

New Directions in Accelerating Implementation:

BHA has worked extensively with a number of recipient countries and other entities in solving implementation issues, which result in long delays, slow disbursements, and loss of funding. With our unique understanding of processes, procedures, and policies, we focus quickly on those inefficiencies and move quickly to solutions.

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